2011 Career Fair

The Fall Manhattan College Career Fair is Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 from 12 – 4 pm at Draddy Gym. Of the 75 companies attending, at least 10 hire Environmental Engineers. Seniors and graduate students looking for jobs next year — make sure you attend.

Sabbatical in Fall 2011

I am on sabbatical in Fall 2011. I’ll post to document where I go and what I do. I will be back on campus full time in time for the Spring 2012 semester.

New York Water Environment Meeting

Next week (February 6-9, 2011), is the New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA) Meeting 83rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition. The is a great meeting for students to network and make contacts in the field. Any students interested in attending the meeting should contact me or the NYWEA offers, and should bring 25 copies of their resume to the meeting. The meeting is being held at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.

On Tuesday, Feb 8th, I will be co-moderating the University Forum at the NYWEA meeting where students from universities with NYWEA chapters will be presenting their research. This session is from 1:20 to 4:40 in the Wilder Room on the 4th Floor. In addition their is a Young Professionals reception starting at 4:30 which is useful to meet new contacts.

NYC Brownfields Internship

I just received info on a new internship opportunity:

The NYC Brownfield Partnership is soliciting applicants for its Brownfield Internship program. The Internship Program is intended for students who have a genuine interest in brownfield redevelopment and who are pursuing studies and careers in the brownfield industry. Current undergraduate or graduate students enrolled at an accredited NYC college or university are eligible to apply. The Partnership will be looking for students pursuing studies related to brownfields, namely, environmental engineering, environmental or geosciences, such as geology or hydrogeology, biology, chemistry, public affairs and administration, architecture, environmental policy, environmental planning, environmental justice, environmental law, real estate, sustainable development, urban affairs, urban planning, industrial hygiene, or public health. The 2010 program period will extend throughout the summer (June to August 2010); however, other internship periods may be negotiated directly with the Partnership. Applications will be accepted from January 2010 to April 2010 on a rolling basis, but students are encouraged to apply early. Students may apply online at www.brownfieldnyc.org or send in a completed application form.

Classes in Fall

The summer is marching forward, and will be over before we know it. My teaching schedule for next year is now finalized:

ENGS 115 – Intro to Engineering – I teach one of the modules in this “round-robin” course. I spend my alloted 5 hours covering the NYC water supply system. We do a 2 hour lab “competition” where teams compete against one another to build the best water filter. Did I mention there were prizes for the winning team?

ENGS 204 – Environmental Engineering Principles – This is an introductory class in environmental engineering for sophomore Civil and Civil/Environmental majors. I cover all of the basic “tools” that environmental engineers need to start solving real-world problems. Sort of like the “Statics” for structural engineering.

ENVG 706 – Water Chemistry – My graduate class in water chemistry is perhaps my favorite class to teach. Three hours a night of everything you ever wanted to know about the chemistry of water.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you are interested in taking any of my courses and have questions.

Paper in Polyhedron

Congrats to Magda, Timm and Tias on our paper being published in the journal Polyhedron. The paper details some of Magda’s work while a Masters student at Manhattan College. The link to the paper can be found here: link.


I love when you expect something from Google search and get the unexpected.

I didn’t know Dr. Bunsen’s last name was Honeydew.

Setting goals

Well, the new semester is about to start (how exciting). At the start of every semester, I set goals for what I want to accomplish before the semester ends. My goals for this semester are to submit a paper that I’ve been sitting on, and finish off a paper I’m currently in the process of writing. On top of that, I have two conferences to go to (SETAC and the UMass Sediments conference) where I am giving presentations. I also want to get down to Hopkins at some point, and we have an ABET visit to get through.

Oh, and let’s not forget I’m teaching 4 classes too. It’s time to get ready!