Classes in Fall

The summer is marching forward, and will be over before we know it. My teaching schedule for next year is now finalized:

ENGS 115 – Intro to Engineering – I teach one of the modules in this “round-robin” course. I spend my alloted 5 hours covering the NYC water supply system. We do a 2 hour lab “competition” where teams compete against one another to build the best water filter. Did I mention there were prizes for the winning team?

ENGS 204 – Environmental Engineering Principles – This is an introductory class in environmental engineering for sophomore Civil and Civil/Environmental majors. I cover all of the basic “tools” that environmental engineers need to start solving real-world problems. Sort of like the “Statics” for structural engineering.

ENVG 706 – Water Chemistry – My graduate class in water chemistry is perhaps my favorite class to teach. Three hours a night of everything you ever wanted to know about the chemistry of water.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you are interested in taking any of my courses and have questions.