About Me

Hi! I’m Rich Carbonaro, Professor of Chemical Engineering at Manhattan College and Consultant for the Environmental Science and Engineering firm, Mutch Associates.  This is my professional website.   It provides some details on my research projects, and professional experiences.   I also use this website as a place for students and professionals to have access to resources that I have developed in the area of chemical fate models, and scientific computing. 

I’ve worked as an environmental engineer for approximately twenty years, specializing in the fate and transport of contaminants in soil, groundwater and sediments. My research focuses on the fate and transformations of organic and inorganic chemicals in engineered and natural environments. I teach courses on environmental chemistry, chemical kinetics, fate and transport and mathematical modeling of chemical processes. In addition to teaching and research, I consult on a wide range of environmental engineering topics, including remediation of chlorinated solvents and heavy metals, water quality, contaminant fate and transport, groundwater geochemistry, hazardous waste remediation, and environmental forensics.