Project Experience

Remediation of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater

  • Groundwater Sparging with CO2 of a Plume of Caustic Brine to Achieve Reduction in pH in Brunswick, GA
  • Remediation of Hexavalent Chromium in Soils in Jersey City, NJ.
  • Remediation of Arsenic in Gypsum and Fly-Ash Waste Beds at a Chemical-Processing Facility in Amhustburg, Ontario, CA.

Three-Dimensional Reactive Transport Modeling in Groundwater Systems

  • Evaluation of Remedial Alternatives for a Hexavalent Chromium Plumes Using Custom Reactive Transport Modeling (North Hollywood CA, Stockton, CA)
  • Reactive Transport Modeling of Degradation of Chlorinated Solvents using Catalyzed Hydrogen Peroxide (CHP) in Newark, CA
  • Development of a “Unit World” Lake Model for Modeling Metals Fate and Transport

Environmental Forensics

  • Chemical Fingerprinting of Chemical Contaminants in Groundwater Originating from Landfill Leachate at the Pennsauken NJ MSW landfill.
  • Fate, Transport and Speciation of Arsenic in Contaminated Soils at the Auburn Rd. Landfill, NH.
  • Chemical Fingerprinting and Intermedia Transport Modeling, Industrial Plant, Illinois

Sediment Remediation and Assessment of Contamination

  • Assessment and Allocation of Sediment Contamination from a PRP located on Berry’s Creek (NJ) Superfund Site
  • Geochemical Analysis of Sediment from the Gowanus Canal (NY) Superfund Site for use in Source Identification

Bench Scale Leaching and Treatability Studies

  • Column Leaching Study for Soil Collected from a Hexavalent Chromium Containing Site
  • Batch Study Investigating Chromium Transformations During pH Adjustment of Raffinate Waste Stream
  • Batch Microcosm Study for Treatment of Hexavalent Chromium Contaminated Soil